Requesting Possession (Eviction)

£60 (inc vat)

All Requests Submitted Within 24 Hours

For the few tenants that don’t comply with the court order we can take action to enforce the order.

We apply to either the The County Court for a Warrant or The High Court for a Writ to evict the tenant.
A Warrant is enforced by a County Court Bailiff and a Writ is enforced by a High Court Enforcement Officer.
A Warrant is cheaper but can take a few weeks to be executed, a Writ is more expensive but is usually executed within 48 hours. At this stage a Bailiff or High Court Enforcement Officer will arrange a date to evict the tenant(s).

The service we provide:

  • Preparation and completion of all relevant court paperwork.
  • Arranging for bailiffs or enforcement officers to evict the tenant(s).
  • All eviction applications submitted within 24 hours of payment being made, excluding Sunday.

The cost for Stage 3 is a fixed fee of £60 (this does not include court/warrant/writ fees. The county court bailiff fee is currently £121).

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*If you have already have a court order and want to proceed with an eviction we may be able to organise an eviction in just a few days, please contact us for further details.


Express Evictions