Issuing Court Proceedings

£395 (inc vat)

All Applications Submitted Within 24 Hours

If the tenant doesn’t leave or resolve issues by the date stated in either the Section 8 or 21 notice possession proceedings can commence.

Possession can only be granted by a court, gaining possession by any other means could be unlawful and a criminal offence.

There are different methods by which possession applications can be made, the method used will depend on the circumstances.

We will prepare the correct possession order paperwork (N5, N5b, N119 forms, accelerated possession, PCOL – possession claims online) and help you throughout this entire stage.

Most firms charge extra for a legal advocate to represent you in court when in most cases there is no court hearing and this is not needed. If the matter does progress to a hearing we will arrange for a landlord and tenant specialist law court advocate to represent you in court for FREE at the first hearing. For any subsequent hearings a fee starting from £195 is payable for legal representation.


The cost for Stage 2 is a fixed fee of £395 for the section 21 “accelerated possession” route.
For the section 8 “standard” route the fixed fee is £495.
(These figures do not include the court fee which is currently £355 and legal representation costs for any subsequent hearings, which start from £195).

The service we provide:

  • Preparation of the complete application bundle, including copies of any evidence.
  • Preparation and completion of all relevant court paperwork.
  • The complete court bundle sent to the landlord to sign within 24 hours of payment being made, excluding Sunday.
  • Legal representation in court at one court hearing.
  • Phone, email and message support for the whole duration of the claim.

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We can help where possession is required but:

        • There is no tenancy agreement.
        • The deposit wasn’t protected or was incorrectly protected.
        • The deposit prescribed information wasn’t served or was incorrectly served.

*If possession is needed urgently we can apply to transfer the case to The High Court for an additional fixed fee (usually £1000, but is case specific, call for further details).  Transferring the case can speed things up to Stage 3 but it is at the discretion of The County Court and the outcome cannot be guaranteed, court fees not included).


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