Section 8 or Section 21 Notice

£60 (inc vat)

All Notices Served Within 24 Hours

In all cases of possession you must give written notice. The notice must be in a prescribed form, filled in correctly and served properly.

One of the most common reasons a possession claim is thrown out of court is a defective notice.

It’s very important to get this step right.We will prepare and serve either a Section 8 Notice, a Section 21 Notice or both.

Which notices are served will depend on the type of tenancy in use and the circumstances. Being served a notice is when most tenants realise how serious the situation is. Over half of tenants resolve any issues, pay the rent or leave the property.

The cost for Stage 1 is a fixed fee of £60 for one notice being served.

It’s £90 for both section 8 and section 21 notices being served together.

The service we provide:

  • Preparation and service of a section 21 notice, a section 8 notice or both.
  • A strongly worded but professional warning letter is included.
  • Certificate of Service and proof of postage included.
  • All notices are served within 24 hours of payment being made, excluding Sunday.

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We can help where possession is required but:

  • There is no tenancy agreement.
  • The deposit wasn’t protected or was incorrectly protected.
  • The deposit prescribed information wasn’t served or was incorrectly served.
  • If you have not complied with any new legislation.

*If you have already served notices we can check them before moving on to the next stage.

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